Wrinkles, lines, furrows, hollows – aging sure has a lot of baggage! While aging is a natural process that brings with it new perspectives, life lessons and experiences, it doesn’t mean we have to accept everything about it. Injectable dermal fillers can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars, and reverse the signs of aging.

Facial aging is due to changes in several types of tissue, including skin, fat, muscle, and bone. Changes in any one of these structural layers affects the other layers.

As skin ages, the middle layer of skin (dermis) thins due to collagen loss. The skin’s ability to retain elasticity (from elastin) and moisture (from hyaluronic acid) also reduces with age. Due to this loss of elastin and hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes: drier, less elastic, less supple, thinner.

In the face, fat is organized into fat pads. As we age, the fat is lost or redistributed, and the fat pads shift relative to each other. Over time, bony features, lines, and wrinkles become more visible.

There is a significant loss of facial bone with age. Aging of the craniofacial skeleton may be due to changes in the relative dynamics of bone expansion and bone resorption.

Bone recession leads to thinner bone, removing structural support for the overlying tissues. This loss of support contributes to sagging and droopiness and noticeable changes in the other layers of overlying soft tissue and skin.

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Hylauronic acid fillers can help to restore a healthy, youthful appearance by filling lines and wrinkles or adding volume. We carry Revanesse ® Versa, JUVÉDERM®, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC, JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC, JUVÉDERM® XC, JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC, JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Defyne, Restylane® Refyne, & RADIESSE®
You can see potentially dramatic improvements for: Acne scars Cheek depressions Crow's feet at the corner of your eyes Deep smile lines that run from the side of the nose to corners of the mouth (also known as nasolabial furrows) Frown lines between the eyebrows Marionette lines at the corners of the mouth Redefining lip border Scars including burns, acne and those caused by wounds Smoker's lines; vertical lines on the mouth Some facial scars Worry lines that run across your forehead