Permanent Makeup



The process is often referred to as micropigmentation. Pigments are injected one at a time beneath the first layer of the skin. The technique is often compared to tattooing, but it is very different. The ink is not injected as deeply, and it is a much more delicate process. Our estheticians perform it with extreme care in a pleasant medispa setting, always with an eye on both artistry and safety. Also, unlike tattoo artists, we do provide some topical anesthetic to reduce the inevitable stinging sensations that come with the procedure.

Procedure take about 2 hours for top or bottom eye liner, and 4 for both. Roughly six weeks later, a return visit for touch-ups is also necessary. At first, the eyeliner may appear overly dark but the intensity of the coloring will fade over time to look more natural. After healing and touch-ups, nearly all patients are delighted with their results.

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Every client has her own story to tell, but there are number of common reasons women elect to get this procedure. Many are simply busy people who would like to remove a time-consuming task from their daily routine. Others are athletes or sports enthusiasts who can’t perform with make-up on due to perspiration, but who want to look their best at all times. Many are visually impaired or dealing with arthritis, Parkinson’s, and other conditions that make it difficult to apply make-up properly. Others simply want to look their best with a “one and done” approach from an outstanding make-up artist.